The Sinking City ( Video game)

If you’re a fan of the Sherlock Holmes detective series then there is a strong possibility that this game could make it on your list as a favorite. It was developed by Frogwares which are known for creating the Sherlock Holmes detective series.  They’ve unveiled an adventure/horror game, along with publisher Bigben Interactive, that will have you intrigued and have the most experienced gamers at the edge of their seats. Frogwares are no strangers at throwing incomputable twists and turns in their stories. This should be no different. Expect to pay attention to detail as a priority and frustrating moments when things seem not wanting to go your way. If you have patience and willing to piece everything together to discover the bigger picture to identify why the people are suffering from this supernatural flood then this is the game for you. Take the time to click on the link below to get more information on the game and be intrigued how I was. This is a title that you should pick up if this is the type of genre you’re interested in.

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