The Paths in Life

A wise person once said, “Finding your path is not an act of searching. It is an act of allowing.” From the day we were born we all were given a purpose in life. No person’s life is insignificant. What separates us in life is our decision makings and opportunities. Your purpose is already built into your being. So that means the path for you should be clear, correct? Yes and no. In life, we’re in a constant battle to determine the path that we’re taking is the correct one. Also, not allowing any obstacle to prevent us from fulfilling that purpose. One of the main obstacles in life that can be the most devastating could be looking back at you directly when you’re facing a mirror.

Many times, we can be our worst enemy. That enemy that drains us and makes us stagnant and toxic to everyone around us. We must recognize the signs that negativity is trying to make a room in our hearts and minds. We must humble ourselves so that we do not blind ourselves from a world that has no problem chewing you up and spitting you back out. That’s the reality of the world, but we can coexist with the evils of the world and take back what was ours from the very beginning.

Perhaps I’m writing this for someone who is currently at a crossroads in their life, or maybe this message is more intended for me than ever before. I will never be satisfied with the place I am in the world. As long as there is breath in my body and I’m in my right mind. The world is mine for the taking. The darkness of the world will have to bow down at my feet as my light pierces it back to the corner of the room where it once came.

Remember life is a process, a journey. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you believe in a higher power than humble yourself the best you can and give your all for the answers you seek.

With all the opportunities to invest your time, there should be a good reason you spend your quality time at your current place in life.

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