Step out of your Comfort Zone

Every one of us has something meaningful to share with the rest of the world. In fact, we’re all created to be extremely creative. It was even said that all man was created equal, but the hand that was dealt decides where we start. However, with all that in mind, we must all dig down deep within ourselves and find and bring forth the gifts that have been given to each of us. Leave your mark on the world and realize that you do have a purpose and you are special.

Every human brain has a built-in capacity to become, it all comes down to what we demand of it. The word become is usually looked upon as progress. In life, we must continue to make progress every day of our lives. Each day gives us a new journey and new obstacles that we all must face to reach our goals. Do not despair for you must hold your ground because no one ever said it would be easy. As long as we have breath in our bodies and our heart is still beating within our chest, you can become what you want to be, but it all boils down to the work you’re willing to put in to reach that point. No ability is fixed. Don’t put an intellectual limitation on yourself. Whatever you want in life, you can become if you want it bad enough. You must want it as bad as you want to breathe. You must want it as bad as you want to change the environment you’re within. But it all comes down to your works. What are you willing to do to reach that point? To put it in simple context, what are you willing to do within reason? There are many avenues we believe in our hearts to reach our goals, but some of those avenues aren’t wise to take. Reach for your goals, but always have or seek wisdom during the journey.


Once you have a WHY you will find a HOW!


The good news is, you don’t have to be perfect to start anything. You don’t have to seek perfection when you are ready to pursue your life’s work. You just need to get started. If you want to be an athlete you must take the time to take care of your body and putting hours in the gym when you’re an unknown. Do you want to be a writer? The first step is to think of an idea, do research and place your ideas on paper. You want to study a discipline and make that your life’s work? Well…the internet and the library is a great place to start. Use your time wisely while you’re in school and be an “A” chaser on all your papers and assignments. Always remember to build that solid foundation and step out of your comfort zone. When you’re in a state of comfort you’re unwilling to move, basically lackadaisical.

The principle of success is focus. It is what makes the difference between those who are successful and those who are not, regardless of how much talent, resource, and energy that they have.

The most accomplished and well-known people in history were known for something unique to them. Spend most of your time on the right things and the rest takes care of itself. It’s not enough to just ‘work hard’. Hard work is not necessarily a bad thing. But hard work can be a waste of your life when it’s thrown at the wrong things. Decide now what is best for you in the long term, and pursue it with all you’ve got.

Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) is a habit, so is self-pity, defeat, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, and resignation. You can eliminate these negative habits with two simple resolves,” I can! and I will!”

Take even the most basic step towards what you must do. Never miss an opportunity to push yourself. Never get comfortable being average or mediocre. Show up as many times as you can. Share your best work even if it’s not perfect.

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