Stand up for yourself little seed for you have so much more growing to do,

Escape the shell that once contained your essence and sprout your roots.

The soil is your blanket and jailer all in one,

Prepare yourself for the struggle because it has just begun.

Fight to pierce the darkness and embrace the light,

The journey is long but your future is bright.

However, in this world not every seed has the chance to grow,

Some perish in their sleep and their existence is no more.

It is hard when you do not know who you are little seed,

It’s like trying to open a door and not having the key.

It’s intriguing when you have a vision that only you can see,

Seeing places that one day you know you will be.

People can tell you to be more realistic and that your goal is nothing more than a dream,

But as long as you see it no one can hold you back from it……….not even me.

Little seed as you rise above the soil of the Earth,

Know that you’re precious before your very birth.

As you grow and grow into the tree that you were meant to be,

Growing fruit on your branches for the world to see.

Your journey was full of hardship but you overcame the pain,

Standing firm even throughout the wind and the rain.

As you produce seeds of your own that has their own struggles to bear,

They too one day will stand firm and strong because you once were there.


— Xavier J Morris

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