Do yolove1u remember that time you told me you loved me?

In a voice that only me and you could hear.

Please do not be afraid to express yourself,

For that I am always going to be here.

So take my hand and you will see,

That there is a place meant for only you and me.

So lay your head on my chest as I hold you in a tight embrace,

Listen to my heartbeat and it will play your favorite song at a steady pace.

Each beat expressing my undying love for you.

Each beat playing a melody that are too deep for words.

You my dear have the key to my heart,

A bond so strong that nothing could ever tear us apart.

I thank God every day for listening to my pray and humble request,

No need to ponder and look in the mirror and you will realize the rest.

That request was to mold a woman just for me,

Now my request grew from one to two….and soon will become three.

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