I find it disappointing when I see someone brilliant and intelligent (there is greatness in all of us, but you must learn how to harness it) dropping something simply because he/her have encountered a tiny obstacle that appeared in their way. Yes, I said tiny obstacle because you would be surprised that something that seems so big now is nothing compared to the strength and potential you contain inside.


It’s relatively easy to persist when things are going well and we see progress, but highly persistent people have found ways to keep going despite major setbacks and a lack of evidence that they are moving closer toward their goals. You must find that fire within yourself, no matter how small it is and feed that fire within yourself so the darkness within is no more. The world is divided into two people. The ones who blame and the ones who take responsibility. It’s the latter that ignite that inner fire. That seek internal improvement in all four bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Every single day grow the fire.


Let’s face it. Life isn’t fair and will never be fair. However, you determine how the chips fall in your life. Yes, I know someone who read that statement will yell at me that I do not understand their life or understand where they came from…and they’re right. But, no matter the start in your life or the obstacles you encounter in life you must believe in your very being that I will do anything in my power to rise from the ashes and let the world know I will not be overtaken by the demons in my life. They shall be and will be my footstool. All I want you to do is listen to me closely. I want everyone to succeed who is reading this. I want you to realize your potential and be success, but I want you to look deep within yourself and draw out strength you thought you never had. Learn how to defeat the enemy in the mirror. One thing I learned about myself is that wanting to be persistent while waiting for your mood to stabilize will be like waiting for the wind to calm so that you could set sail. Yes, the wind may clam down but that may only happen after it’s too late!! Life moves in cycles and you will face times where you will find yourself not in the mood for anything. If you stopped working whenever you felt bad then you will never reach your goals. Breathe life into those goals so that the life you gave them may inspire others to do the same.


Other than that, let me know how did you feel about what you read and please add to the conversation. I hope all is well with everyone and be blessed.

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